In Print Magazine March 22, 2007

In Print Magazine

We need your skate photos for a little project in the works. Check out In Print Magazine.

Blockheads, Three Guys February 21, 2007

three guys

Three guys, or Blockheads, whichever you prefer, screen printed on stained wood, with a little paint & marker touch up which still doesn’t make them look much better.

Peckerwood February 7, 2007 1 comment

pecker wood

What I did here was took the word “woodpecker” and flipped around the syllables to read “peckerwood”. That’s art in and of itself!

This 12″ x 14″ slab of shellac covered hipster coziness is a hand crafted screenprint on wood.

Four Heads January 30, 2007 2 comments

Four heads

Marker & pen on cardboard.

Bo Derek January 22, 2007 2 comments

Bo Derek

These last three pieces of fart are on small squares of cardboard with some ripped paper, paint & marker. is the (f)art site of Bill Keller