Bookman August 7, 2005


9″ x 6″ cut-out paper, rubber cemented on flimsy cardboard. Get hip with wannabe hipster fartwork, send offer to sweaterbox [at] gmail [dot] com, or name your price in the comments.

  1. joe d #

    20 bones, via paypal.

  2. joe d #

    Nice, quick customer service on this site.

  3. Administrator #

    I figured I’d give it a couple of days - see if anyone outbids you.

    I’m actually suprised that you’re willing to drop 20 bones on this. When you see it in person, you’ll surely regret it!

    Email me your address & I’ll drop it in the mail. FREE SHIPPING*!! Surely that’s reason to BUY MORE!

    Thanks Joe D!

    * cheapest shipping available, should take couple of months.

  4. joe d #

    Email sent. I didn’t get any automated confirmation with tracking number and estimated shipping date. wtf kinda business is this shit ?? :D

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