Faces, Featuring Bookman January 5, 2009


I made all 6 of these available in an zipped icon pack, where each image is roughly 192 x 192 in .png format. Pretty suitable for your Instant Messenger avatar or for such uber cool sites as facebook and twitter.

Get your download on: http://ghettocooler.net/stuff/faces-featuring-bookman.zip

There’s a page for each one of these icons on Flickr.


Bookman illustration

Bookman, marker on paper

Bookman made his first appearance awhile back. He found himself a nice home, where I’m sure he’s getting the care and attention he deserves.

Birds on Wood Panels November 17, 2008


Our living room was in need of some art, so I made these birds on wood panels.

iPhone Wallpaper May 24, 2008

I’ve zipped up Some iPhone wallpapers for your pleasure: iphone-wallpapers.zip. Download & Sync em w/ your phone, like any good hipster would.

You can preview all these wallpapers on Flickr, in my iPhone Wallpaper Set. iPhones rule.

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